VendingWeb 2.0

Controll all your vending machines from behind your desk.

Changes prices, update translations or add new media (photo/video) to your products. Create temporary promotions on the fly, create your own stock reports, daily & monthly sales, Top sales list. All this and more can be done using the Innovend vending web.

Vending solutions

The design of the vending solution is based on the customers wishes and demands. For all the different elements used, technical drawings are made.

Custom software

After the purchase flow is defined, the data model is created and the user interface is build. This software controls all hardware components, the look and feel creates the perfect customer experience. All kinds of media, like video, photos and audio can be integrated easily.


In order to guarantee the maximum uptime of the machine, we offer a service level agreement. This means all installed machines are remotely monitored. In case of malfunction our team will intervene remotely and solve the issue. In case a hardware swap is necessary, we offer on-site technicians  in many West-European countries and some US States

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